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Knights stabbed to death!



Painting oil painting Yang Shuai's dream and parallel world oil painting series


I often dream of previous lives,

I'm a knight,

On the battlefield, he was stabbed to death by a sword for honor.

If dreams are memories shuttling through parallel worlds,

I think, I in another world,

More true.

I've always liked painting things in my dreams,

I think in my dream,

Often wandering around the world and the edge of the world,

Like a dog.

There was a cry in the distance,

I knelt down,

I feel the cold of the sword, the texture of steel and the thickness of the blade,

In the hot body.

I didn't move,

Like a statue,

This is cruel beauty.

Really, like the feeling,

Even obsessed with it.

I saw a hole in my foot,

It's magma,

I'm going to fall,

So back to the real world,

Although I solidified,

But I'm sober.

I know I'll wake up soon,

The hazy city has begun to appear,

But I can't bear it.

Reluctant to give up the knight,

And white sword, black horse, and oath,

I looked into the distance,

There's a dog,

Barking at me,

I hold the steel sword with my mind,

Kill it.


May 3, 2021

[introduction to works]

Yang Shuai's "dream and parallel world" series of oil paintings, a total of 200 oil paintings with dreams as the theme. This is the creative drawing of the second oil painting "Knight" (partial composition display). The overall size of the original oil painting is 2x2 5 meters, oil on canvas, Beijing, China baby project art museum.