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Yang Shuai: dream or another meta universe


Yang Shuai's creative confession

Dream or another meta universe, my creation of dreams

It is not an ethereal creation, but the closest way to the gods is art

Explore our understanding of the boundaries of imagination

Or an adventure in the unknown

Yang Shuai's painting works [you on both sides]


you on both sides 36.6-49cm jpeg

"You on both sides"

Dream world and real world

There is a dividing line in the middle

One side is the reality of you

One side is the dream of you

Smoke is to open the doors on both sides

The rolling soil on the cliff

Dilapidated thatched cottage

A woven net

Endless cliff bottom

You look at the net

See the subtle texture

You look at the bottom of the cliff

Saw the bottomless nothingness

You wander between them

Like a dead man


That's the way you are on one side

Look at you on the other side

Like you on the other side

Look at you here


October 31, 2021

[creation description]

This is one of my series of paintings [Yang Shuai's painting art] "you on both sides". This is a dream I have had, which is very real. I clearly remember every detail. Expressing dreams through painting has always been my favorite theme. I often enjoy exploring these phenomena. This is not a vague superstition. I think it's our human cognition and can't express the interpretation of dreams, but I firmly believe that this is a science and a different meta universe, It is a parallel world that cannot be understood by our knowledge structure. My creation of dreams is largely based on this point, followed by the emotion transmitted in the picture.